Sattler Suntex is the leading European producer of solution dyed acrylics. Reliability, durability and ecological solutions for sun protection where innovation meets performance. Awnings, marine and outdoor furniture solutions for sun protection beautifully designed


Sattler Marine Excel best boat covers
Sattler Marine Excel


The Sattler MARINE EXCEL range 100% solution dyed acrylic (SDA). Rot retardant, oil and dirt repellent finish. One side acrylate coated for high water repellency with a 15-year warranty.


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Sattler Marine boat cover material
Sattler Marine

Sattler MARINE

The Sattler MARINE range is a 100% solution dyed acrylic (SDA). Water repellent, rot retardant, oil and dirt repellent finish with a 15 year warranty.


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Sattler awning supplier Elements
Sattler Elements

Sattler Elements

Sattler ELEMENTS is world leading 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric technology, purpose engineered for all awning applications.

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 Sattler 801 UV Standards Document


Sattler Lumera awning material suppliers
Sattler Lumera

Sattler LUMERA

Sattler LUMERA is the ultimate 100% solution dyed acrylic for awnings. Exclusive Clear Brilliant Acrylic (CBA) technology for smooth, dense surface textures with enhanced colour brilliance.


Sattler Lumera Brochure
Sattler Care & Cleaning Instructions
 Sattler 801 UV Standards Document


Sattler Twilight drop blinds




Twilight™ is the 100% PVC free fabric solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Privacy, glare control, flame retardant sun protection, Twilight™ is the next generation textile.

  • 100% PVC-free
  • High weather-fastness
  • Ideal summer heat protection
  • Optimum glare protection and visibility at the same time
  • Textile character
  • Odorless
  • Aluminum-coated exterior side
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Flame-retardant (except Art. 265 and Art. 275)




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